Robins x reader

Robins x reader

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Brandi Vis By DoctorWhoHetalia2 Updated Feb 14, 2015

Robin [Tim Drake] x reader - savior

I was in my room in my apartment. I was laying on my belly doing my homework. The phone rang.

''Hello,'' I said. ''Hey y/n, it's Tim, how are you doing,'' Tim asked. ''Oh hey Tim, I've been good,'' I said.

''That's good, so what are you doing now,'' He asked. ''I'm doing some homework,'' I said. ''Oh, do you need any help,'' he asked.

I chuckled. ''I got this Tim, don't worry,'' I said. ''Okay then,'' he said and we hang up. I was still working on my homework.

Till I smell fire. I got up but froze as I saw fire everywhere. I screamed and tried to open the window but I remember, I was in a high building.

''HELP,'' I screamed. I was coughing. ''There's no escape,'' I thought. I then fell to the ground still coughing.

I felt so weak. '','' I whispered. The door flew opened and I saw Robin the boy wonder there.

He then saw me. Robin then ran towards me. Then everything went dark. 

Robin's P.O.V
I then ran towards y/n. ...

ohmygods13 ohmygods13 Oct 12, 2016
I didn't know you could own pressure 
                              But I guess we learn new things
Cheshire_Cat_meow13 Cheshire_Cat_meow13 Jun 04, 2016
I started coughing  because i laughed to hard when i read that.
-Samwilk- -Samwilk- Jun 27, 2016
My pressure my lady😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kuriyama1234 Kuriyama1234 Dec 23, 2016
                              "EATCHA PROBLEM YAH BITCH?!!!"
OuiOuiMonAmiLaf OuiOuiMonAmiLaf Jun 23, 2015
Dude stop as think a minute, it's gonna hurt to think about this your brain being the size of a pebble, but stop and just think about the idiotic thing your about to do
Just_Crazy_For_Me Just_Crazy_For_Me May 28, 2015
I can't stop laughing cause my first name is Robin and this is a Robin x Reader