Surrender (Werewolf)

Surrender (Werewolf)

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"Will you be mine?" he asked me in a husky voice.

I stared at him apprehensively for a moment, thinking over his proposal carefully before finally settling on an answer that would, in the end, please us both.

"Yes, Alpha. I'll be yours."  

For Claire life was rather mundane and boring. Nothing particularly exciting or interesting ever happened to her. Well except that she would meet her mate any day now. And for her, that day couldn’t come soon enough. 
When Claire finally meets her mate she is all but shocked to find that it’s the Alpha of her pack. Let’s just say they were both a little thrown by the sudden realization. 

For Daniel, he had always pictured himself settling down and mating his longtime girlfriend Jasmine Marshall. He was head over hills in love with her. 

Throw in another hot Alpha from a rival pack and a painful rejection and what do you have? A mess! 
A million thoughts were whirling through Claire’s mind. One of them being, why was this hot, sexy, Alpha, willing to help her? She was no one of importance in the pack nor was she his mate. She was just plain old Claire. So what did he want with her exactly? And what was with this Surrendering thing he kept insisting on?

Well she’s soon to find out.
Life for Claire was about to become much more complicated than she ever knew. If only she could see what was coming her way before hand. Too bad she wasn’t that lucky.

    carolwonder carolwonder Jun 28
    There are like five freaking spaces in between the two scenes guys... It's obvious another scene started
    Is anybody else getting a picture that says third party hosting instead of Shay like everyone else?
    Guys that's a lot. Especially considering that just a 20 hr week that she probably has means she makes 40$ a week. Plus a double shift so like 80$ a week extra. Over the year that can add up to thousands of dollars.
    GUYS! She is at a club not work, so she obviously does NOT have her name tag on ok. So don't you DARE comment 'name tag?' like every bitch above me.
    loyaility loyaility Jul 06
    Sometimes we don't care about the people when they are alive and healthy. Then we realize how important they were when we are without them.
                                  I feel so tired maybe I'll just read this chap and then sleep or something idk