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You Belong to Me #wattys2016

You Belong to Me #wattys2016

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Exoticwalrus By sexy_beast12 Completed

I heard him growl. 
I turned around and screamed. He was so close to me our chests were touching. Alpha Carter is my mate! ", you can't be my mate! You're ruthless!" He growled and grabbed my arms and pushed my up against the wall. He put his head in my neck breathing in my scent. I was about to punch him, but he caught it."tsk...tsk...tsk..." He said while waving a finger in my face. 
"I'm not yours!" I yelled in his face.
He laughed and said, "Oh, but you are love." He moved his gaze down my body and moved his hand down along with it. I looked away. Uncomfortable yet turned on at the situation i was in. "You see," he begin and then grabbed my ass,"this is mine..." I was about to yell at him, but he clamped his hand over my mouth. He then grabbed my private area, "and this is mine!" He started to rub it. He let go of my mouth and I was about to kick him when his leg moved my leg and he stood in between my legs, he grabbed my legs so they were wrapped around his waist and started to grinding into me. I let out a loud moan. Then I heard him growl.
Oh shit! I thought to myself.

diva55206 diva55206 7 hours ago
Omg when I saw Cameron Dallas as a character I swear I almost died. Lol. Not really but he is so hot
I've read another book in which there was a boy Aiden and was casted as Cameron 😍
Look he's yummy and all but ryan(jaxson) is hotter to me... 😏😒😍😍
The funny thing is that Cameron Dallas has the same first name as my bf Cameron ❤
(Dies of hotness) honey if all werewolf's look like that sign me up!!
ForgivenNotForgoten ForgivenNotForgoten Dec 14, 2016
Okay whyyyy a honda civic? Thats the worst car ever give her a s14 or skyline r33 or r34 or something haha (not trying to be mean this is really cool so far )