Bleach Ichigo x  reader

Bleach Ichigo x reader

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Keria By ShakeriaCantrell Updated Jun 04, 2015

"Get her. Don't let her escape," men was chasing after me with swords in their hands trying to kill me.  I was running to get away from them. As I was running, I tumble over a rock a slip on the ground. Pouring rain was really cold and wet mud got on my clothes as I fell, now thanks to the rain that I am soaked and wet. You can really see my skin through my clothes.  One of the man caught up to me, aim the sword at my head, and said ,"you think you can escape ( your name)?" He kicked me in my stomach really hard. I was coughing up blood. I was scared, I didn't know what to do until, "hey, I suggest  that you leave the poor girl alone," a man with slick brown hair, with a long curly bang hanging down, with cold eyes said as he pull out his sword. "Aizen!?" I see now so that man is aizen. As the guard was concentrated on  Aizen, I sneakly ran away out of the world of the dead. I made my decision, I'm going to the human world so I can live like an ordinary girl. To tell you the truth, I have a mix blood of a hollow, vampire, demon, and I am the princess of all holllows. Simply that's why the soul reapers want to cage me up and kill me because I am the destruction  of to the world of the dead. I climb on top of the tree and fix my blonde hair, my blue eyes was shining with the moon, and my white dress is wrinkled because of the rain. Will I find a true lover like my mother did? I really hate myself because I'm a monster. I wonder will I find friends. Or will I be like my sister and kill things just for fun. A few days has passed. I was in the human world attending the school Ichigo is in. "Students, this is the new girl I told you about," the teacher was smiling happily as she looked at her students. "Can you please introduce your name," she looked at me like she was stupid. "I am ( Your first name) (Last name), it's a pleasure to meet you." I looked at Ichigo with  a wicked grin.

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