Raised By Wolves

Raised By Wolves

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To those on the outside, May Winters appears to be nothing more than a completely normal seventeen year old. She has a loving mother, an overprotective father and not forgetting her annoying, big brother. Struggling to finish high school, more time is spent organizing her social life and breaking the rules put down by her parents. Totally normal right?


May is also a wolf shifter, but she is what her kind call a 'runt' since her mother is human and her father shifter. Considering she has yet to actually shift and shows few signs of ever doing so, she is more human than wolf. It doesn't make trying to work out where she belongs in the world any easier though, especially when dealing with pack life. To complicate things further, there is dealing with her best friend, Caleb, working out her feelings for the new boy in town and talk of 'Hunters' has everyone on edge.

Life is anything but normal and when you're raised by wolves, things are bound to get a little wild every now and then.


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Reading She Runs With Wolves and He Came From The Wild, before continuing is recommended.

elephant44 elephant44 May 26, 2016
Just because she can't shift. It should not be a problem. 😐
felivis72 felivis72 Oct 26, 2016
Sounds like it's gonna be a great story, so looking forward to this
MelanieGordon9 MelanieGordon9 Jun 29, 2016
They are a bunch of jerks she needs to graduate early and go away to college after she kicks Caleb in the balls for being a hater
melissao995 melissao995 Aug 29, 2016
My daughter was a princess for Halloween. At the first house a man said "hello princess" she loudly called out happily "he knows my name!". Turns out we called her princess so often she truly believed that was her name:)
craxles craxles Apr 15, 2016
We have 6 massive  cupboards full. Also comes handy when the wifi is down
FireFly24 FireFly24 Mar 23, 2016
Man I have to go back now! Lol it's okay always up for the rereads 😉