3000 Nights

3000 Nights

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They spent 3000 nights watching each other from afar. 
Both plagued by a sense of longing towards the other, girl and wolf. 
Stuck, on opposite sides of the playing field. 
Her in her house, and him in his woods.
Do they belong together? Will their seperate world's tear them apart? Or bring them together?
Krystal Burke was your average 17 year old girl, graduating high school in a few months. She spent most of her free time painting or taking pictures, or playing the Violin. She seemed to repel the likes of most guys her age, because of her mysterious, artsy and eccentric qualities, but she was just struggling to pass Calculus and could care less about stupid fxckboys. Just a normal high school girl, with normal high school problems... Except she wasn't normal. She had a secret that only those close to her knew. 

She was infatuated with the wolves who lived in the woods behind her house. One wolf in particular had always seemed to capture her attention. The one with the midnight black fur coat and shocking, electric blue eyes.

Alpha Travis Parker, of the Moon River Pack, was stuck, every winter in his wolf form. He watched his mate from the edge of where their worlds intersected, the woods he lived in behind her house. 
Biding his time for the perfect moment to arise, where he could finally come clean and tell his mate the truth, the truth about him, and the truth about them. Hoping and praying that she would accept him, and love him in return.

And what happens when dark and evil forces come to visit their small town of Trenton, N.Y. and start a series of mysterious dissaperances and murders? 

Can Krystal and her friends fight the evil force and survive?

This is the compelling story of two spirits who fall in love despite their difference in species. 

The wolf and the girl who belong together. 🐺👩


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