[DISCONTINUE] KnB Oneshot (various x reader)

[DISCONTINUE] KnB Oneshot (various x reader)

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— By BellusPluvius Updated Jul 09, 2015

Hello dear Reader-chan! It's really nice of you if you would like to read this one-shot stories of mine.

This book contains KNB character x reader. I would make one-shots based on what I like first, but you can always request for one.

Thank you for supporting!
♡ Mikan

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Oi. Don't do that to other people Reo-chan. 
                              Reo: Why you jealous?
                              Tch,no... >3<
- - Feb 28
......No*jumps out a window* NEEEWT! WHERE'S NEEWT?!
                              Newt S.:what?
                              Newt: Hmm?
                              WPGAAAW WRONG FANDOM
KaitlynnNicole433 KaitlynnNicole433 Feb 07, 2016
Koganei Shinji...?? Anyway you want it would be great pleeease ^o^
WatermelonKrieger WatermelonKrieger Jul 02, 2016
                              THE FROG IS SO SMOL
                              WHY IS HINATA ATTACKING MURASAKIBARA?!
WatermelonKrieger WatermelonKrieger Jul 02, 2016
Well I'm Akashi's height *le shrug*
                              and maybe one centimeter taller MGAHUYAH
WatermelonKrieger WatermelonKrieger Jul 02, 2016
Every anime protagonist's/main character's spot.
                              So they can look out thoughtfully through the window like a majestic mofo.