My Bully is My Mate (BOOK 1)

My Bully is My Mate (BOOK 1)

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I'm your typical nerd. I get high grades, I'm always on the honor roll, and I'm teacher's pet. Same goes for my best friend since birth, Tiffany Patterson. Another thing about being a nerd, is we get bullied. They push us, bump into us, slam our books on the floor, calls us names, and laugh at us. 

I'm so happy and grateful that this my last year and graduation is next week. Once I graduate I won't have to see his face again, and by him I mean Becks. He's my bully and his best friend Victor is Tiffany's bully- crazy right. Ever since preschool, we met them and it has been nonstop. I hate it! I hate them! 

It's already bad enough I'm a werewolf, I can't control her sometimes. Yes, I said it I'm a werewolf and so is most of the kids in school. Our pack, the Lupine Moon pack is huge. Some live in the woods and others live in town with the humans, they call us "hu- wolves". Becks is a wolf too and to make it worse, he's the Alpha's son. Victor is the Alpha's Beta's son. 

Do you know how...

apotato34 apotato34 Feb 17
everyone else is saying this is gross and cringe worthy but to be honest I just hope i can have this kind of love when I'm in my fifties with my future husband because sadly marriages aren't as exciting as they are when it's new
No nerds get bullied at my school. Actually, some of the popular people are nerds. But if fourth grade I was bullied. Some people get teased for being dumb tho....
DaniWolf6499 DaniWolf6499 Oct 15, 2016
Same I've got auburn while my mum has brown and my dad has black. They tell me it comes from my grandma who passed away.
No one gets bullied as far as i know in my highschool. Yes, people get teased at times and called names but not full on bullied.
BlackCorbs BlackCorbs Nov 20, 2016
I got red curly hair from my grandma, I'm African so it looks pretty cool
You have seen him. Oh and you are right your a poor poor soul indeed