My Bully is My Mate (BOOK 1)

My Bully is My Mate (BOOK 1)

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I'm your typical nerd. I get high grades, I'm always on the honor roll, and I'm teacher's pet. Same goes for my best friend since birth, Tiffany Patterson. Another thing about being a nerd, is we get bullied. They push us, bump into us, slam our books on the floor, calls us names, and laugh at us. 

I'm so happy and grateful that this my last year and graduation is next week. Once I graduate I won't have to see his face again, and by him I mean Becks. He's my bully and his best friend Victor is Tiffany's bully- crazy right. Ever since preschool, we met them and it has been nonstop. I hate it! I hate them! 

It's already bad enough I'm a werewolf, I can't control her sometimes. Yes, I said it I'm a werewolf and so is most of the kids in school. Our pack, the Lupine Moon pack is huge. Some live in the woods and others live in town with the humans, they call us "hu- wolves". Becks is a wolf too and to make it worse, he's the Alpha's son. Victor is the Alpha's Beta's son. 

Do you know how...

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I bet the poor soul would be you like how much do you want to bet because I'll bet a million dollars she's going to be stuck with you.
Kendall2341 Kendall2341 Jul 19
Or they both have to Red hair gene cuz it can't just come from ONE side of the family or she's adopted , how ironic if she is adopted (note the sarcasm)
I wonder why becks and victor hate them. Honestly, just imagining their looks, they're hot.
Oh wait I am looking looking oh its just your poor soul prick
In my school are lots of nerds but none of them are getting bullying because we are enough smart to know what is bullying and that can hurt you not only physically but also mentally