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The Wolf By The__Wolf Updated May 24, 2017

Living the life of a rogue is very difficult, Moving from place to place, Trying not to cross or get onto some pack wolves' bad side, and trying not to get on the bad side of some rogue wolf. 

Many rogues are not born into the rogue life, Their usually forced into it or chosen to take the path of a rogue. Once you're a rogue you're usually looked down upon by pack wolves and sometimes even slaughtered for just being too close to a packs' territory.

It's a very difficult life and not many survive it, but the strong survive and the weak are left in the dust to perish.
I'm El Queens. A 17 soon to be 18 year old she-wolf. A rogue who lives with a family of rogues. A girl born into this life of struggle and danger, but doesn't mind it.

I've lived in the same area for the longest time, practically lived there my whole life, but then it gets all flipped upside down.

My parents decided it was a good idea to get 'a change of scenery', but I think they were scared the rogues after us had caught our scent, so we moved.

To somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Very spacious, many trees, and best of all, fresh air.

But, All fell apart when we found out that this was THE Blood Moon pack's territory.

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