The Next Warrior

The Next Warrior

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Jonathan Davis By JonKDavis Updated Jul 28, 2016

Who will the warrior of the next war be? 

In a war soon to come,  warriors will leverage monstrously terrifying and holistically awe-inspiring feats of new engineering, brave new tactics, and endure new tribulations as they face an ever-evolving host of likewise advanced and ruthless enemies. The Next Warrior tells the stories of a few of these warriors and their struggles to overcome forces an era of new combat. Marines, soldiers, airmen, insurgents, and even their terrorist adversaries will be challenged with surviving the same emotional trials of warriors past, while seeking to overcome evil in the next age of conflict.

The Next Warrior is written by Jon Davis, a Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps and veteran of the Iraq War. The Next Warrior is based on real projects currently being funded and under development by the United States Department of Defense and DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The goal of The Next Warrior is to create an immersive narrative with attention to detail and focus not just on the technologies themselves, but how they will actually be used by tomorrow's frontline troops. The stories are written to communicate as detailed and realistic a story as possible for readers wanting more than just military science fiction, but a quality military nonfiction... which just hasn't happened yet. The Next Warrior is delivered weekly every Wednesday.

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