Worth the Fight (BTVS fanfic, Book Three)

Worth the Fight (BTVS fanfic, Book Three)

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Buffy has been away from Sunnydale, California all summer, so who was left to defend the town from vampires.

Well, there was Zoey Francis, of course!

In the last book, on the Halloween that Ethan had turned everyone into what they were, Zoey had portrayed herself as an assassin, and when the spell lifted, she still remembered everything that she had knew then. She knows how to fight, and she knows how to protect the people that she loves.

And with Buffy away all summer, and the Slayer away from the place she is supposed to be, Giles has opted to teaching Zoey even more about fighting, and how to hone her skills, so that she's better than ever. 

When Buffy returns, then the town will have two protectors to fight against the forces of darkness.

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nolongerblissful nolongerblissful Nov 15, 2017
Giles doesn't stutter this much. Its annoying that you made him into a bumbling idiot.
Buffy_Tardis_Flash Buffy_Tardis_Flash Oct 15, 2017
It's moments like this that I want to slap Xander, even if he is right or defending someone.