Mate of an Alpha [#Wattys2015]

Mate of an Alpha [#Wattys2015]

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I have been taught to kill all supernatural creatures; specifically, werewolves. I am a Hunter, but I wasn't always one.
Seventeen year old Allison hasn't had the best life. At a young age, she ran away from home. she was found by Seth Jenkins and raised as a hunters. When he takes a job to look for an alpha, he sends Allison to a public school. There, she meets other hunters and werewolves. 

When she goes hunting with Seth, she gets captured by the one thing she's out to hunt...a werewolf. When the alpha of the wolf that kidnapped her turns out to be her mate, there is a problem. It's not a matter of who wants to be in control, but who's in control.

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Give the book a chance, I guarantee you it gets better as you read it. I'm slowly editing and making changes. Sorry for the mistakes, feel free to point then out.

I cried about Paul walker and my mom looked at me like I was a psycho. .....
                              Parent just don't get it... :,€
xnewtmastreex xnewtmastreex Jul 08, 2015
Omg best day of my life Sasha pie terse and Alison!!!! My fav character and personnel!
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It's been a long day without you my friend and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again