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Pen Your Pride
if your emo/goth please read

if your emo/goth please read

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Alyssa By hummingbirdab Updated Dec 07, 2009

How many of you are sick of being called a "freak" or "cutter" just because you are gothic or emo!?! Well i am, and i know we don't deserve it! For one thing, we dont or drink blood or even cast spells with our evil cults! We are just people...some more heartbroken than others. Another thing, the whole "Oh she/he's gothic/emo so she spends her whole day slitting open her wrists" thing...stop. Not all goths/emos cut! And for those who do, have a damn good reason! Anddo uwanna to know a secret.....WE CAN SMILE! We can laugh, think, love, everything! We are normal people, and we do not deserve the abuse that we get. We are called names and get bad reputations...makeing our pain even worse! We don't need your sympathy...but we do need your moral. Just stop with the goth/emo jokes and the whole deal with thinking that we can't have fun and spend our whole days crying and sliceing open our wrists! If you have been abused, our feel remourse for those who have...please repost and spread the wo...

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Emochick83 Emochick83 Jan 12, 2014
                              and yes all the crap ppl say does hurt.......really bad
xxpinkwelliexx xxpinkwelliexx Apr 14, 2011
I'm ot emo or goth and I totally agree with this! Enough said. Chosen lifestyle people are yet too shallow to see that I'm more of a hippie chick obbssesed with bright colours but if people like being emo let them self expression YO!  God stereotypes are so lame *_____*
AmiDisaster AmiDisaster Dec 27, 2010
i knwo it all too well, my own family called me a wrist cutting _____ (insert bad word here) and then my own used to be friends are at it too!!!
Dark-Angelic3850168 Dark-Angelic3850168 Jul 29, 2010
He'll yah fuck all of those people that say we are freaks we are human to I'm emo are fuckin proud of it ya I cut but damn it what I do to my body is no ones fucking buisness for some of us it's the only way to get away from shit that happens at home 
CBsupergirl747 CBsupergirl747 Jul 12, 2010
Ya I hate being labelled it's stupid I have cut myself but it was on my thighs and my fuckin crazy ass mom saw and she keeps making fun of me and I will try and repost this
                              P.S luv ur stories
chocolate_12 chocolate_12 Mar 20, 2010
i noe eh!! it pisses me off like i don't cut my wrists or anything like that so like stop rite!! but some of the populaur people in my school still spraed rumors that i cut but i dont!! AND THAT NEEDS TO STOP LIKE RITE NOW!!!!