i've had over 50 pets. including snakes, one skunk, birds, iguanas, and much more. i live with my grandparents and my aunt,uncle, and 3yr old cousin lives nextdoor. i have a sister (14yrs) and a half brother (1yr). they live with my mom and one of her any on again off again boyfriends. she had me when she was 17. her and my dad got married 6 years ago and now he's in jail (long stoy). there gitting a divorce. he's been gone for about two years. ok now that i've bored you with my family i'll tell you about me. i played volleyball for 3 years, basketball for five years, and soccer for two. i'v been in many plays and musicals. i cantored for one year at my school (catholic school). but i'm gothic ! ya i know laugh all you want. i'm the only goth in the whole shcool ! i'm also a tree hugger and d@mn proud of it. i almost failed english last year but i seem to be an ok writer. ok i'm done ranting about myself and i kinda ran out of things to say. o wait i almost forgot. i love art and have been and currently in art club for 2 yrs. i'm in most of my school play's. in the one comming up im on stage crew. and i do chior and have been for 5 yrs. i did and am doing County Chorus held by the WCMEAS

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue,
Sugar Is Sweet, And So Are YOU.
But The Roses Are Wilted, And The Violets Are Dead,
The Sugar Bowl Is Empty And My Wrist Are Stained Red
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"Suddenly, I felt this falling sensation. It was like I was on the precipice of a rollercoaster and I was looking down. I wasn’t physically moving yet I had that gasping feeling like my chair was bei...
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