Haikyuu!! x Reader Oneshots (Lemons)

Haikyuu!! x Reader Oneshots (Lemons)

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Tsukiyuki • semi-hiatus • TKYK By Tsuyuki Updated Jul 10, 2015

"oh ho ho?"
"oh ho ho ho"
- BokuKuro

This is a compilation of oneshots and drabbles of just leMONS. *Jackpot for some people (you know who you are).
I figured I would just make a separate section for M+ since there be indecencies and children mustn't know ofc.

I shall take requests!
Send a character or prompt and I'll try it out oh ho ho~

Current Requests:
- Tsukishima
- Kenma
- Takeda
- Hinata
- Nishinoya


Cover Picture: wsbwrite on Twitter

I'm confused af is the reader meant to be a guy or girl or a inbetweenie
I don't think he's just the King of the Court if you know what I mean
With your 'AH (Y/N) your so tight! Ngh! gOD! I'm coMING aHhhhh~!" I think they heard you instead of me boi
Nutella-Chan Nutella-Chan Aug 20, 2016
Honestly, I just pictured a roach motel and kuroo just looking so damn proud
- - Dec 31, 2014
Can I request Kuroo X reader,
                              Sugawara X reader 
                              and kenma X reader please