Random Levi X Eren

Random Levi X Eren

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LuckyJalia LuckyJalia Jan 28
I fell off my bed laughing at the picture when my mom came in. She asked what yaoi is. "It's CAKE! She started laughing too. She fell for it
Computer: *Finishes loading picture*
                              Me: ....
                              Me: *Crys as laughs*
My mom walking in when I was squealing at the picture and laughing. She looked.
                              "Oh, just just means cake."
                              "Okay then, that's weird."
Me: *laughing ass off at the picture then my mom comes in and sees the picture*
                              mom: What does yaoi mean?
                              me: Cake
Unjustified_Uke Unjustified_Uke Dec 18, 2015
my mom saw and i was like... yaoi means.. cat in dkfnsfnskje
KuroTora17 KuroTora17 Dec 12, 2015
the second i clicked tge image , i spat out my drink laughing. then my mom came to see whats in the pic...
                              uhm...yaoi means...cake.