Warrior  (Dean Winchester fanfiction)

Warrior (Dean Winchester fanfiction)

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dry_cereal By dry_cereal Updated Jan 18, 2018

A Supernatural Fanfiction 

20 year old Charisma Alexander, the world renowned hunter, goes missing. The large network of hunters across the world scatter to find her,  but she doesn't want to be found. Disowned by her family, she left to find what she had only heard about in stories from her father; before he to, went missing. She wanders around from state to state, eventually leaving the country. She prefers to be alone, until the night a few stray hunters take her in as their own. These hunters names were Sam and Dean Winchester, two of the few people that know about the rare blood that runs through Charisma's cold blood. And now, it's up to them to restore the Alexander family name and return it to the noble state it once was.

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