Gray's long lost sister [Fairy tail fanfiction]

Gray's long lost sister [Fairy tail fanfiction]

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Madeline Fullbuster By Madeline_Fullbuster_ Updated May 29, 2015

"Gray!!!!" I yelled from afar.

"Don't leave me!!!" I heard gray say
"Gray!!! I promise!!! I...promise I'll see you again!!" I said beginning to drown on my tears.'!!!!!!

Years have passed by and I have grown with my fellow exceed friend coco,we have traveled everywhere looking for my brother

"He is out there coco...I can feel it..." I said 

"I'll find you big brother...I swear!" I yelled
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Clawdeenrose Clawdeenrose Nov 09, 2017
Technically, it'd be impossible for her to have met Crystal, a dragon, because the 1st and 3rd generation dragon slayers were sent 400 years into the future when their dragons 'disappeared'.
CaylaDecker72405 CaylaDecker72405 Jul 14, 2017
You're NOT Grays sister nor even related to him in any way so stop making it up
LovedByDragons LovedByDragons Aug 29, 2015
funny thing is that my cat's name was koko, different spelling but same pronunciation