snapchat // j.g

snapchat // j.g

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kayla By homiegilinsky Completed

"we only met today, are you sure about this?"

"chill out baby girl.  we've been snapchatting for practically decades and you don't trust me?"

i sighed and grabbed the blunt from his hand.

lowercase intended

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gilinsky_dallas_af gilinsky_dallas_af Jul 28, 2016
"2nite" "killer".... I just cant with people these days smhhh
gilinsky_dallas_af gilinsky_dallas_af Jul 28, 2016
Just chilling here laughing at my snapstory.... Same old same old
justlovinmendes justlovinmendes Aug 03, 2016
^^ Oh God The Scrolling , buhh yo its funny so scroll ppl 😂🌚
- - May 09, 2016
Honey you too broke to get rãped or kílled by him.COME KÍLL ME INSTEAD DADDY
magicalgilinsky magicalgilinsky Jul 29, 2016
Why is it bad, it's a honor to get your vïrginity took by him. If u aren't a vïrgin still, CHU KNOW WHAT DADDY COME WIT ME
- - May 09, 2016
This is my nightmare!Add someone on sc and they dont add back :((