rebellious || diabolik lovers ff [[major editing//discontinued]]

rebellious || diabolik lovers ff [[major editing//discontinued]]

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〖 제시카. X .신 진 지 〗 By yepheral Completed

NOTICE:  I'm no longer continuing this story. I'm only editing/fixing the chapters that I currently have. Thank to everyone who enjoyed and supported this book in the past. I really appreciate it :)


Karasu Aoiro is not a normal girl like you and me. Her appearance may seem godly, but her aura is deadly. When in a hurry, people would run....Karasu on the other hand would teleport with no problems at all, and hiding in the shadows is something that can easily be done. Her homeland is the underworld, but she prefers a place full of life.

That's right, she's a demon.

Karasu's life is pretty typical for a 17 year old: school, homework, drama, social media, and so on. There is absolutely nothing new or exciting  in her life as of now. Until one day, a strange letter appeared in her mail box, telling her to go guard a girl named, Yui Komori. But, was that the only reason why she was sent to the Sakamaki household? How will her rebellious attitude clash with the six brothers?

Karasu had many doubts about this, but she knew one thing.

Her life will never be the same again.

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basicallytrrasho basicallytrrasho Feb 16, 2016
That's me, except I don't glare at people.. I completely ignore them.
- - Apr 29, 2016
I accidentally thought instead of chains it was chairs and for a good minuet I was confused as to why she would summon chairs of all things.
xXiFornLeviXx xXiFornLeviXx May 10, 2016
Really is she like my twin or something (though I'm not demon)
AaliyahPettway AaliyahPettway Feb 08, 2016
That's me in school people be so scared of me expecially with the rumor that's going on about me with the no feeling pain thing smh I'm I saying to much info
Annie_322 Annie_322 May 08, 2016
I actually ALWAYS judge people when I see one, i'll be like:
                              This person's name is Ana? Wellph! Sure hell I won't like her!
                              (Sorry if your name is Ana.)
fatema-chan fatema-chan Aug 07, 2016
She' very beautiful :3 even demons are more beautiful than humans