I hate fakers sequel

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readingfanatic By readingfanatic Updated 3 years ago
Following on from 'I hate fakers', Alayna and Jayden still have a thing or two to learn about fakers... Where will this lesson take them? 
Hey… we read your story and its great…plz upload… oh and plz read and comment on our story …Death’s Mistress …thankzzzz 
OMG! I LOVE YOUR STORY!...KEEP IT UP!...YOU'RE AMAZING!...BUT I'm kinda new at Wattpad so do you think you could read mines as well?.... It won't take long I promise but I really need some feedback Thanks =).....
love it. When is Ali going to get pregnant?? I know she is young and all, but she would be a great mum. 
is it like one of those orphanages that have the kids wear uniforms and the caretakers are mean bitchess