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W. H. Rose By whysteriarose Updated Jan 28

"Give me just a little bit MORE"

Being the son of the largest gang in the country, Kim Taehyung might as well be a prince. He is more powerful than any one man should be and is not afraid to get rid of anything - or anyone that gets in his way.

So when a man is unable to pay back the gigantic loan he owes Taehyung, the heir is all too happy to take his life. Moments away from pulling the trigger, a girl more beautiful than he's ever seen bursts in and offers her life for her father's. Taehyung knows right away that he wants her.

And Taehyung gets everything he wants.

This story is INTENSE YANDERE. If you get easily triggered by anything in relation to the yandere or mafia trope, this one is NOT for you! Trust me on this, okay? Thx.