Pregnant by the Alpha.

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The test beeped loudly as I walked to it. I turned it over. It read: Positive. Tears in my eyes, I slid down the wall. What am I going to do? I'm having a baby by rape. And the father is an Alpha...... - Kandance was an 15 year old girl that was one of the quiet type. One day, her best friend Hanna talks her into going to a party. Not just any party, A party filled with werewolves. Kandance wasn't a werewolf, but her friend Hanna was. One thing about Kandance was that she hated parties. When Kandance knew she had enough, she asked Hanna to talk her home, but she found Hanna drunk and also making out with a random dude. Instead of ruining Hanna's night, she decided to walk home. Which was the worst mistake she ever made. Kandance was kidnapped by a drunk man and raped. Her nightmare made a blessing happen. Not only that but what will happen when Kandance finds out the person that raped her was the Alpha of her Towns' pack? Not only that but when Alpha James realises what he did, he wants to get in Kandance life for the child. Will Kandance let him? Will she tell anyone? Will Kandance find out about James being her mate? Will she accpet him? Or reject him?
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that's a big fat ugly ass Hell to the fuck no! on that one except hell yeah for rejection
Same. I hate how easily he is forgiven. Sexual abuse scars for life, and just because he's mated to her doesn't make it 'all okay'. Because what if she wasn't his mate? Would all still be okay? It makes me angry
I would screamed at my parents telling them I didn't want this to happen I had no choice in the matter I didn't want to sleep with him.
i like the story it good but I don't like that the boy he cried a lot
What...? She said it was all his fault that she's pregnant, now she's yelling at him because their child is a mistake? What...?
in this chapter you make it seem as if she is a werewolf not a human, so you might want to change it up a bit.