I love to write. And I for some reason, I wanted to write a werwolf story. *shrugs* Oh well.





 The test beeped loudly as I walked to it. I turned it over. It read: Positive. Tears in my eyes, I slid down the wall. What am I going to do? I'm having a baby by rape. And the father is an Alpha...... - Kandance was an 15 year old girl that was one of the quiet type. One day, her best friend Hanna talks her into going to a party. Not just any party, A party filled with werewolves. Kandance wasn't a werewolf, but her friend Hanna was. One thing about Kandance was that she hated parties. When Kandance knew she had enough, she asked Hanna to talk her home, but she found Hanna drunk and also making out with a random dude. Instead of ruining Hanna's night, she decided to walk home. Which was the worst mistake she ever made. Kandance was kidnapped by a drunk man and raped. Her nightmare made a blessing happen. Not only that but what will happen when Kandance finds out the person that raped her was the Alpha of her Towns' pack? Not only that but when Alpha James realises what he did, he wants to get in Kandance life for the child. Will Kandance let him? Will she tell anyone? Will Kandance find out about James being her mate? Will she accpet him? Or reject him?



                        My screams, No one heard.



           My pain, No one cared.



     My family, never loved me.




    My mom almost died when she had me. She hates me because I make her family so undifferent.




  My father hates me,


 So does my brother and my sister,



   My name is Kandance Elaine Bane. I'm 15 years old. I was raped by the Alpha of my town.



   Not only that, but I'm pregnant by him also.



  I didn't turn him in,



It's not like anyone would believe if I did. James was the to be Alpha in the Mid Night Tribe. Everyone adored James. Everyone except me, I never cared about James. I never wanted to have anything to with him.




  No I have to deal with seeing him everyday, because of the child he helped make. I won't get an abortion, I don't believe in killing babies.


(No Offense to the people that did.)



    Even though, I don't care about James, my heart warms up when he touches my stomach to feel the baby. Even though i don't want anything to do with him, I want to be with him.




 Why is it?




Is it fear? No, I'm not scared.



Fame? No, I like to be away from the crowds.



Maybe its...




                                            No it can't be....






      It has to be....





        I think ......... I'm James's Mate.







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