In the Past (Levi Ackerman x OC)

In the Past (Levi Ackerman x OC)

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Alexandria Williams' life is complicated, and it gets flipped totally upside down when her parent's are executed for their crimes. 

After growing older and taking to the streets of the Underground to learn the way in the life of your average criminal, she grows in Underground popularity, her wanted posters decorating the inside of all the walls as well as underneath.

After being chased down the street by the Military Police she has an unfortunate encounter with the man responsible for her parents execution. 

The man who unintentionally ruined her life. 

When she's caught by the military she is thrown into the Scouting Regiment as an alternative over her execution. She is forced under the watchful eye of the lead commander, and the ill-tempered, pompous, short, clean-freak of a captain, Levi Ackerman. 

Nothing could have prepared her for this complication.

*Unedited and also, all artwork used in this story does not belong to me*

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guccikpop_7 guccikpop_7 Oct 10, 2017
Nothing good happens when Levi pins your fcking hands above your dàmn head. We all kno this people. But the question is. 
                              Is Levi just kinky day way?
XxxKxeraxxX XxxKxeraxxX Aug 26, 2017
GOD is black people cant do that
                              You'll need butter to take your hair out your knotty hair lol
typicallymediocre typicallymediocre Apr 24, 2017
I honestly thinking of Clementine from the walking dead telltale game, anyone else?
                              Alrighty then, going back to my corner.
Chai_Tea_Lattee Chai_Tea_Lattee Nov 17, 2017
He seems like an interesting character, I like the direction that this story is going in.
Pika_chu_13 Pika_chu_13 Dec 01, 2017
As am I the only one, who after reading ‘the past is in the past’ started singing let it go 😂😂
destnix- destnix- Aug 01, 2017
I thought it said marco then but I was like marco wouldn't need all of those he'd just need half