Anger Brought Us Together. [ERERI/RIREN]

Anger Brought Us Together. [ERERI/RIREN]

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Anna By Heichou_Anna Completed

It's obvious.

Levi has some issues.
Anger issues, that is.

His mom feels like it needs to be noted, and fix it.

And of course, Levi's mother decides to send him to a Group Therapy to talk to people about it, to try to help.

What teenager would enjoy that?

Obviously, you'd think Levi would hate it.
But what if he actually doesn't? 

What if he meets someone, and changes his mind?

Find out how it all happens, and read! 


Warning; this story does contain yaoi, (boy x boy) relationships. It also contains smut. Which does mean there will be sex between two boys. 
If you are not comfortable with this, wtf. Leave this fan base! 

- This story belongs to me, Heichou_Anna. The characters do not belong to me. 
Most characters in this story belong to the creators of Shingkei No Kyojin. -

Though, I wouldn't mind owning them. ;)

There is one book where your a mind reader but thats not important right now
Then it's good that Eren is a titanshifter and not human yaaaay
EreRi696 EreRi696 Jul 07
I can relate to the title because I met my internet friend while ranting about how EreRi is NOT pedo.
Thepunkrockbi Thepunkrockbi 6 days ago
Okay sorry I have to do this
                              WHAT ARE THOOOOOSEEEEE!??????!?!
panproud123 panproud123 Jun 29
Ok I don't mean to put down the author or anything but even though Levi is angry he's mainly just anti social soooo.... 
                              I know this because I am like this
Me and then my aunt is like you shouldnt let that stop you from having fun and I'm like but I'm having fun I'm my room