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Fly With Me

Fly With Me

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Augast Wood By LittleDragonFox Updated Oct 08, 2015

Ethan is a 15 year old boy living his life like any other normal teenage boy; only, he isn't a normal teenage boy, but he doesn't know that. He's parents have kept his true identity a secret from him for his own protection, but protection from what? One day, as Ethan is walking to school, he starts to feel a strange pull toward something or someone. He wants to fallow the feeling, but he knows if he is late for school again, his mother will ground him. So Ethan decides to ignore the feeling, but throughout the day, he notices it's getting stronger and stronger; as if the thing that's pulling on him is getting closer and closer. Suddenly, a strange handsome man bursts into the school and swoops Ethan into his arms, whispering, "σύντροφο." What does that word mean, and what does the man want with Ethan? Read and find out. (bxb)

Pi omega and some other character if I'm correct, then pi and two other characters I don't know.
We start at 7:45, and go till 2:35pm, and then I personally have rehearsal until 6 every day. Other practices last that long, too.
Uh...If I got less than an A in anything, including honors and AP classes, my mom will kill me 😶 I would be murdered for those grades
Mine starts at 8:00 and I have to wake up at 6:40, so I wonder the samething everyday
Uh...I live in New Jersey. I know Great Adventure and Disney. That's about it. Where dafuq is "Cedar Point"?
They call home that early? We went on a vacation this schoolyear and it wasn't excused, they only called after about 40 absences.