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A Lost Mate for the Alpha

A Lost Mate for the Alpha

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Devin Melanin Lavellan Pavus By GoldenHallelujah Updated Mar 03

I wake up to find myself in a familiar room dimly lit, the small window being the only source of what little light the moon could shine. As cold as I was I find myself warming up from something..... or someone. Then I realized I wasn't the only one here. A familiar face in the corner was barely noticeable within the dark corner. I might can't see him, but I can almost make out who he is just by his frame.

I want to speak, but my left trap muscle aches and sends me shocks of pain, causing me to fall over. So I ease up with one hand while the other rested over my locket.

Or at least where I thought it to be. The instant I felt only my bare chest was the same when my heartbeat hyped. I skimmed the area for it and didn't see a single shining of silver anywhere.

Then, to my surprise, the man held out his hand and revealed my locket, it still intact.

But that's not the only shocking surprise I've seen 'til now. Bones started cracking, snarling turned to growling, and the man turned into what I can only describe as "beast". When the now four-legged creature stepped into the light I felt my heart drop.

It's the black wolf from before, and he's holding my locket around his neck. Not only that, but I hear a very familiar, husky voice from whom I can only assume is the wolf's. 

"Do not be afraid, Nolan. It's me, Saul, your mate."

Chaotic_Minds Chaotic_Minds Dec 25, 2016
Seriously?? -_-)💢He's not gonna fall for your thinner than paper lies.
Reading_Quest Reading_Quest Oct 26, 2016
Everybody's gushing about the price and here I am going That's considered cheap?
JaVonJones9 JaVonJones9 Aug 19, 2016
Your not going to put your hands on me and think you keep them!!!
WhoAmI614 WhoAmI614 Feb 23, 2016
I need his life... Except without the cheating bastard of an ex
KingSeyton KingSeyton Feb 02, 2016
You've killed me!!! I'm officially heart broken now!! How could I read this after reading Alpha Xi?!?! Oh no!! I'm dying!!! NNNOOOOoooooo.......!!!!!
WhoAmI614 WhoAmI614 Feb 23, 2016
Please that place is worth at least $2500 a month. Sounds beautiful and it's in a great neighborhood so that makes it an even more reasonable.