Forgotten (SasuNaru)

Forgotten (SasuNaru)

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Naru__chan By Naru__chan Completed

Sasunaru. Yaoi. Be warned.

Sasuke and Naruto. Naruto and Sasuke. 

Team 7 goes on a mission, but when something happens and Naruto disappears, what will they do ? Will Sasuke ever be the same ? Will Naruto come back to his arms ?

Warnings : BoyxBoy, I don't own Naruto characters, only the plot is mine. So the character from Naruto belong to their rightful creator, and even borrowing them would be too troublesome. SasukexNaruto

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DinosaurSiamese DinosaurSiamese Feb 12, 2017
*waves finger* How terribly dreadful~ never let anything get in the way of being on time!
DinosaurSiamese DinosaurSiamese Feb 12, 2017
THATS why she was holding her nose. *facepalm* I'm an idiot dear Freckled Jesus.
DinosaurSiamese DinosaurSiamese Feb 12, 2017
Hmmmm. What does their kissing smell like....?
ViolinxViola ViolinxViola Jan 29, 2017
Kakashi we all know you'll be masturbating when you hear them. STOP BEING A PERV
TheQueenOfProfanity TheQueenOfProfanity Feb 09, 2017
All these lemon writers are putting jiraiya in shame 😂😂😑😐😶 
                              But I love em