Fire and Ice  {Ereri/Riren}

Fire and Ice {Ereri/Riren}

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Ereri~ By -Ereri- Completed

Eren tries to save his mother from a house fire, leaving an big ugly scar on his face. He moves schools and everyone laughs and whispers about his face. Everyone except Levi, the muscular heart throb that rules the school. It's love at first sight, but what will happen when an unfortunate turn of events take place?  {Completed}

CatDragon44 CatDragon44 Aug 04
Ciel, hate to say it man but you in a wrong fix so~ go off and find Sebastian M'k?
You should crawl in the fire. The smoke will rise so it's best to keep to the ground.
being burned hurt really bad, his so determine to find his mother even though other half of his face is melting, this make me emotional, i want to help him so badly =3=
Dang! Am I the only one who thinks that Levi x Eren is hotter the the fire ciel's parents burned in?
_2Happy2_ _2Happy2_ Jun 21
I love how through this entire paragraph, the only thing that matters to everyone is the error, Eden
XxRirenxX XxRirenxX Jul 31
                              Welp...nice knowin' ya mom thanks for the birth thing..*walks away*