Temporal Exploring 101 - Deep Future

Temporal Exploring 101 - Deep Future

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Book Four of Temporal Exploring 101.

16-year-old Temporal Explorer Cathy Hart is doing her best to stay calm and work to complete  her  First Temporal Assignment at St. Albert's, a British boarding school for girls in the 1960s, while her own people back home in the 23rd century are being attacked by a reckless foe from the Deep Future. 

Cathy is called back to testify before a committee, but allowed to return to the 1960s and continue 
with her mission to observe and investigate her roommate at St. Albert's, the enigmatic math genius Natty Fogg. With the assistance of her friends from the Upper Fifth and with the help of Jake Ferguson, a rogue member of the team that was sent back in time by the Autarch of Karr to eliminate Natty, Cathy discovers that the threat to her roommate's life still exists.

Juggling everyday life at a boarding school and the demands of her assigned task is difficult enough for Cathy, but to spice things up there is the extremely distracting presence of irreverent and playful Mallory Carmichael. 

Between kissing and making out with Mallory, attending classes, participating in a theater performance of the Upper Fifth, going on a class excursion to Paris and investigating the mysterious Meddling Temporal Natives,  Cathy is hard put to find the time to stop and think about what she is doing.

Things come to a head when members of the cleanup crew hired by Jake's former team show up at St. Albert's  and attempt to seize Natty.
The world of the early 1960s. A traditional English boarding school for girls, complete with tutors, prefects and disciplinary spankings. A bright genius girl, threatened by a dark menace. A young visitor from the future, torn between the demands of her assigned task and what her heart tells her to do. The girls of the Upper Fifth. Intrigue, adventure and an improbable friendship.