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Brianna M. Cruz By bcruzy_02 Completed

Navigating teenage life is hard enough-- an older brother who doesn't have his life together, parents that never seem to be around the house, adventuring with the BEST friend in the world, meeting the cute boy who just moved in down the street --all while trying to be "normal." For Eva May, normality in this day to day life is anything but possible. 

Eva was born with a curse, or as the world would see it (if they even knew), a gift. Above the head of everyone she sees, she can see a countdown. A clock ticking down the years, days, hours, minutes, seconds until they die. As Eva interacts with people and sees people interact with each other, she can watch the rhythm of their clocks slow or quicken depending on what is going on. A day can turn sour when she sees a clock with only a few hours left, or can turn into a celebration when she slows or stops the ticking of someone's timer. 

In "expired," Eva meets Clay Walker, the typical boy next door who loves his dad, bikes, and adventures with no direction. As Eva gets to know Clay, she notices something is a bit off with his clock: the more she befriends him, the faster it goes. How can Eva try and help Clay, and what will happen as their relationship develops and his time starts ticking down?

Find out in Brianna M. Cruz's teen romance novel, "expired."