~*A Special Poem for a Special Someone*~

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Aiyla Salvatore By XxWishingStarxX Completed
We all have that 'special someone' whom we can never forget no matter how many years pass by, how many other people come into our lives...that 'special someone' will always live in your heart...
    This is for my special someone.
l love that poem!!!!! l have read it 4 times already but l have the same questions....
I have the same questions
                                    Great poem it was lovely and I thought it was amazing although sad
Really loved the poem, second time reading it. Three questions: did you get over the guy? Are you in a relationship with the guy? Did the guy find out how you feel about him?
Im nt usually a poem person buh this one, i must say was pretty awesome!!
Ok and do u have a private message or a kik or something so I can show u my description for my story
Thank u so much for writing this amazing poem I enjoyed reading every arcing of it and I was hoping u would help me with this story I wanna write that kinda has the same theme as this story