the hemmings twins • 5sos

the hemmings twins • 5sos

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Lily Hemmings. The twin sister of Luke Hemmings. Since the beginning the have been joined together at the hip, nothing can separate them. 

Or so they thought....

When relationships are added to the equation, things go incredibly wrong!

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I gasped because it was so cute, but then I snorted... what's wrong with me?
TheSwiftInOurStars TheSwiftInOurStars Jul 31, 2016
Sibling goals. My sisters are always calling me bad things lol
Lovely_Lily13 Lovely_Lily13 Jun 28, 2016
Wtf my names Lily and it's really weird because me and luke are sooooo weirdly alike and jfnfjfn ch fhhdh d jfkfkfkfjfnfgfhyvdko n gby
TheSwiftInOurStars TheSwiftInOurStars Jul 31, 2016
That's like my sister and I's room except her side is green and mine is purple
yanirishood yanirishood Aug 06, 2016
I didn't have a bedtime. I'd just randomly knock out anytime of the day.
This is so random but I call my best friend penguin and she calls me teddybear😂