Candy Hearts | Watty's 2015

Candy Hearts | Watty's 2015

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nova. By settle- Completed

It's always the same every year, that one dreaded day.

                                                                                                                               February 14th.

                                                                But, this year, 
                                                                 it's different.

                                                                    This year, 
                                                    Arizona May has a valentine.

                                                                                                        a valentine 
                                                                      who also has a dangerously sexy older brother.

                                                          // humor #31 / short story #63 //

foreversaturdayy foreversaturdayy Aug 12, 2016
You would have a character that's Russian, but not like the stereo type
alarmed123 alarmed123 Jul 02, 2016
Wow lots of characters to remember I think I'm probably going to have to come back to this page
-Obama- -Obama- Jun 25, 2016
authors put these notes as if it's going to stop someone from reading the book lmao
deceiviing deceiviing Jun 01, 2016
so this is a stupid story and I may seem racist or something...
                              I didn't know what Bangladesh people were called so I assumed they were called "bangladeshians" because you know, Canadians, Americans... I literally made the biggest face palm when I realized it was Bangladeshi.
The_BlackParade The_BlackParade Jul 30, 2016
Like I care when 70% of what I say that isn't some reference includes swearing
hiraeigth hiraeigth Nov 15, 2015
i love how you include all races, except for just white people.