The Bad Boy's Girl

The Bad Boy's Girl

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Imagine this. You are at school everything is peachy fine. You are minding your own business when BOOM a muscular 'wall' crashes into you. 

  What do you do? You freaking insult them until you make them angry as those cartoon figures in the tv where they are beet red and steam pours from there ears! 

Why, because to you it's the most rational reaction.

But what happens if that isn't what they do? You do bump into the wall you do insult them but they look off? Happy? Almost bursting with joy?

Then I believe he is a werewolf and your his mate. I mean I didn't do anything wrong! I swear on my best friends!

  Ok there was that one time! And that other time... Okay! I get it karma is a b*cth. Gah I should of thought about going ape sh*t on the sketchy granny last week... Oh well.


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i love old people, and i hate when people are mean to old people😠
Omg he is so HOT....I'm in love 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😀😘
keipha129 keipha129 Oct 28, 2016
I still bath in the morning even if I did already in the night
Fulloflife27 Fulloflife27 Nov 27, 2016
Can I just say, your description on the book made me laugh, I love it. I haven't even read it yet.❤️❤️❤️
IAteYourCookieChild IAteYourCookieChild Oct 31, 2016
Sweat pants are my bae, my boo, my Hun, my love, my sweet, my dear, my precious, my sweetie pie, my buttercup, my baby, my babe, my lovely, my princess/prince, my everything, MY LIFE
IAteYourCookieChild IAteYourCookieChild Oct 31, 2016
I don't get how highschools start at 7:30 in the states, where I'm from they start at 6:30