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18-year-old Peter Parker has willingly lost everything he held dear, after his aunt's death. He is desperatly trying to keep a low profile, until a horrible incident turns his life upside down. Again.
The Avengers haven't met the spiderling since Germany, only Tony Stark keeps his eye on the boy, but he hasn't talk to Peter for almost four years now.
So it's just as much of a shock to him as to the others, when a beat up Spider-Man in torn clothes breaks the Tower's window at one night, mumbling about his roommate.


Homecoming never happened, Peter's life is on a rollercoaster (which only goes down) since Civil War, Tony being a - genius, billionare, philantrophist - dad, and the Avengers come to love the sassy Spider-Man, not knowing about Peter Parker and his issues. Yet.

Slight Spideypool.

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