Seceretly Married to EXO Suho

Seceretly Married to EXO Suho

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Having a busy parents are stressful. Not everyone can have a perfect family. Until one day, I discovered that they put me in a arranged marriage with someone. 

"Hyun Ae! Where are you?"


"This is the day that you'll meet your fiance! How silly."

"Oh.. Yeah. The arrange marriage that I didn't approved!"

I yelled at my mom. Nobody cares for my feelings

"Stop yelling at me, will you!?"

I sighed. 

"Honey, you know that this is for us. For me and your dad and also for you."

"Ah? Really?" 

I rolled my eyes then she hang up.

Hyun Ae's POV

   Going to a mansion of a very rich people makes me sick. Doing the right manners and acting like a shy good mannered girl in front of them. I know they work hard for me, but this marriage is not for me. But I heard that my fiance is a boy band member. A very famous band. Yah, I know him a lot. My classmates idolize them a lot than me. All I know is, I have my freedom. They don't know that I had my first boyfriend. What kind of parents are...

I was listening to touch my body by sistar when I read this😂
AlienJane123 AlienJane123 Jun 10, 2016
Jin is actually my least fav, but my fav in rl is Taehyungie
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                              SHOOT ANONYMOUS, ANONYMOUS
                              HEARTLESS, MINDLESS
                              NO ONE WHO CARE ABOUT ME
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Im screaming!! Ohhh mahh ghadd i think if i would take this seriously i will die!! 😂😂
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i enjoy this story,,, my Bias is Suho,, so,,, i love this,,, Author,,, Fighting,,,