Don't wanna be big 3

Don't wanna be big 3

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Lala the pimp massah By phatblackbarbie Updated Jul 19, 2014

Here we go again you guys. Junior year. Charmed is now hating her parents and everyone around her. Her parents still treat her bad. Her sister got her a job she hates. She has no friends and is doing everything in her power to graduate early. She is not becoming a hermit and will not hang out or do anything other than study. That is until she meets the twins

The twins are popular for being able to dress the best and of course they are the hottest and most awesome twins in the school. They meet Charmed and decide to turn her frown upside down. Exposing her to their life, they are surprised that she is not into it. Sex? no Drugs? no. Fighting? if I have to.

will they be able to break her out of her shell? Will she be able to deal with her problems at home? Will she be able to show the twins that she can party just not that hard?

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bethany2345h bethany2345h Feb 11, 2017
Now that's what u call a rainbow lookin bitch😂😂😂😂
AngelBear2 AngelBear2 Nov 04, 2015
I don't know why she laughin cause she used to be the girl they making fun of
Oo0hNana Oo0hNana Jan 19, 2015
That dnt even go together .. Her friend ain't ish for lettin her out like that
danny_dawson danny_dawson Jul 16, 2014
aww man, not goth? ok then :D well Charmed could rock the emo look. I just know it :D
danny_dawson danny_dawson Jul 16, 2014
You used the names I gave ya! i wuv u :D lol Hobbes is my favorite cuz that's the name of my tedd bear! omg i loved dis chapter! it gives me a clue of who to hate and who to like :D nice
danny_dawson danny_dawson Jul 15, 2014
lol twerking is awesome! can't wait for the first chapter :D these twins sound awesome...mwahahahaha! sry my teddy bear hacked my account so yeah :D I do have one question about Charmed. Does she like gothic clothing? I'm just asking cuz I'm emo and i think Charmed can pull off the look :D lol