Honey Lake v.s. Thunder

Honey Lake v.s. Thunder

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Nessa By xquestionmarkx Completed

Addisyn and Lavina Ryder are twins, but are completely opposites in character and physical features. While Lavina basks in her thin beauty, Addisyn is being degraded for her curvy figure.
All Addisyn craves is the chance to experience being in love, but she feels she will never have the chance when she is always compared to her twin sister.
However, the sisters are moving to Hawaii and meeting the Honey Lake Deliquents, might just give Addisyn the chance to fall in love or will she simply be falling into trouble?


"Hi Addisyn, Meet me at the back of the school."


Well that's strange, I wonder how he got my number. I waited at the edge of my seat watching the clock tick and tock. I was anxious to see Deven and I think I was ready to talk to him. The bell finally rung after what seemed like years. I rushed out of class almost tripping on my own two feet as I powered walked to the back of the school.

I stopped at the back doors and I took a deep breath before opening the exit doors. I walked towards the tables that were in the back of the school and looked around. There was no one in sight. Where's Deven?......

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keyole24 keyole24 Nov 30, 2013
Her sister Love-ina is the worst sister in the world. I hope things make a change for her.
XXHotLoveXX XXHotLoveXX Aug 02, 2012
It sounds good so far, gonna start reading now... ----> ----> ---->
MissScribble_ MissScribble_ Aug 26, 2011
it my turn is better says more about what she is going to do
whatshappening whatshappening May 09, 2011
@xquestionmarkx omg really? thats really cool i was jut sitting here bored and thought of this :d id be so happy if you did choose this title but yup ask your readers what they think :D x
xquestionmarkx xquestionmarkx May 08, 2011
@whatshappening I really like that title(:
                              I think I just might change it to that....
                              But, I'll have to ask my readers and fans first(:
                              Thank you soo much for suggesting that!
whatshappening whatshappening May 06, 2011
how bout for the title " your make up weighs more then me" ? anyone like or hate?