Badboy returns.

Badboy returns.

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Katie By Katieelouise Updated Sep 15, 2014

"You" he said stepping closer towards me pinning me against the lockers, I looked around for somebody to help but nobody was in sight it was just me and the bad boy.
"...want me" He whispered his face getting closer as his breath fanned my face, the smell of peppermint invading my nostrils.
His brown, cold eyes pulling me towards them, inviting me in wanting me to say something...To admit that I want him.
That's not Happening.

"Logan I don't want you" I stated trying to hide my shaking nerves from biting the inside of my lip, something that I have been doing lately "Your the bad boy, the boy who bullied me for years until you finally left" I stated feeling myself getting angry "Why would you come back? Why are you being nice?"
I pointed a finger between both of us "We don't like each other. We don't get along. Your the stupid cliche bad boy and I am the good girl"

He looked at me his eyes darkening with my words, his face inching closer and closer with my words, his nose touching mine "I've changed Poppy" he stated blowing out a sigh as he moved back and walked away without another word.

What just happened?


Poppy Hill always got bullied, but the main person who made her life a living hell was Logan Taylor the bad boy of the school. He never once gave Poppy a break and always annoyed her with every chance he got.

Logan Taylor was sent away too Juvenile centre in-front of Poppy's eyes, since that day her life changed from bad too good, nobody bullied her anymore in fact she made more friends.

When Poppy saw Logan back in town living next door, she thought her life will go back to the way it was but in fact it went totally different.

Poppy isn't the good girl she once was and Logan isn't the bully he usto be.
They have both changed. Hes back and his back for revenge.

Revenge. Feelings. Hate. Parties. Drugs. Guns - This is sure to be one Hell of a ride.

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