Love Thy Angel As I Love My Demon(MalexMale)

Love Thy Angel As I Love My Demon(MalexMale)

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☠♛Vivian♛☠ By epiceviladventureme1 Completed

Castiel is feeling things he's never felt before,Dean is confused as to why Cass is acting like a girl everytime he makes funny comments or insults him since he always done it before.

Crowley wants to help Cass hook up with Dean for his own personal reasons,so lets see how everything works out for them.

Is Cass really falling for Dean?
Is Dean going to accept Cass?
Who is Crowley in love with?

(Yes is a Supernatural fiction story,i wanted to try and see how it goes).

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Batman-Larry Batman-Larry Oct 10, 2017
I'm half way through season 6 but I think your writing and concepts so far are pretty good so I welcome spoilers or what not
angelesmayorga angelesmayorga Jan 29, 2017
Does gender really matter like if species dosen't why does gender
Wickedfrost328 Wickedfrost328 Jan 01, 2013
I love supernatural so much i named my second born son Castiel! i love Cass. both of them!
xxDink6ltrxx xxDink6ltrxx Aug 15, 2012
I love this and its supernatural YAY. I love dean and Cass. I still dont like crawley sneaky ass
sleepwalker sleepwalker Aug 06, 2012
@epiceviladventureme1 lol i just added it on my netflix, just need to find the time to watch it!
epiceviladventureme1 epiceviladventureme1 Aug 06, 2012
@sleepwalker Ah damn i forgot about that...Lol and girl it is weird not seeing supernatural its a good show and jensen ackles is yummy;)