Stole My Heart  (a 1D fan-fic) ON HOLD

Stole My Heart (a 1D fan-fic) ON HOLD

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Resa Horan ;) (i wish) By NutellaMonster123 Updated Aug 25, 2012

An original 1D fan-fic! It's about a love square, yes square not triangle.  Niall loves Rose, Rose loves Harry, and Harry loves Rayven.  Read this tale about a girl who literally crashes into One Direction, and their mis-adventures afterwards!

@DanielleDecoste thank you! Ima update as soon as I can get ma hands on a computer instead of an iPod!
@4EverAndAlways1D thanks for the feedback!!!! I also read your book, Mine. Im hooked thats all I have to say
It's good, but the plot is over used, and its not very original. I did the same plot to mine and I remeber reading a couple other stories with it. But it's still a page turner :)
@NothinLikeNebraska haha as soon as I get the chance I will!