An Unexpected Love

An Unexpected Love

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Nikki By nmmorton Completed

*Highest Rank #1 in Historical Fiction*

Shy and awkward Elizabeth Montgomery doesn't think she'll ever find love. As her family's former plantation struggles in Reconstruction era Virginia, she's afraid she'll find herself either betrothed to the wrong man through an arranged marriage, or a spinster living with her widowed father. However, Elizabeth's sister Amelia is vibrant and charming, and sure to secure a valuable match. When two wealthy, eligible bachelors come to her family's plantation home for a visit, Elizabeth finds that she has to depend on her faith more than ever.    

Edward Stanton is a cocky bank owner's son, and his father, Charles, is pressuring him to take a wealthy wife to create a banking empire. As Edward resists his father's demands, the stakes become higher and higher, pointing to evidence that Charles has underlying motives for forcing a particular match on Edward.    

Will an unexpected love emerge from so much greed and manipulation?

*Completed May 2015*

  • 1800s
  • 19thcentury
  • american
  • christian
  • drama
  • family
  • historical
  • mystery
  • post-civilwar
  • reconciled
  • romance
  • south
  • victorian
  • wattys2015
PercyPenworth PercyPenworth Dec 11, 2017
Yes, curls aren't elastic even if they do look like yo-yos 😆🙃
Aishwaryatenneti Aishwaryatenneti Dec 04, 2017
Female admirers?? Am I the only one who finds this funny?😂😂😂
ashnox ashnox Jun 16, 2017
I was looking for a book similar to Storm and Silence and this girl here sounds a bit like Lilly so yes!
ForerunnerHunter ForerunnerHunter Oct 28, 2017
You know I just realized that in any romantic story, a woman's eyebrows are never described. I mean, was it thin? Thick? Existing?
Adatracy Adatracy Jun 26, 2017
I'm getting the "pride and prejudice" kind of feeling right now...and it's been a while I felt like this. 😊😊😘
TheSociopathicGirl TheSociopathicGirl May 01, 2017
Pride and Prejudice vibes 😎😎😎 #JaneAustenFan 😍😍😍