Chapter 44

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"Tell me again, you say he barged into your bed chamber?" Amelia said incredulously, letting out a musical peal of laughter.

Elizabeth grinned and glanced down at the ground, a flush spreading her cheeks. Amelia looped her arm through Elizabeth's, taking hold of her sister as they took a turn through the gardens.

"I was quite shocked, I must say," Elizabeth brushed a strand of hair from her forehead, remembering her handsome Edward kneeling before her, his eyes searching her soul in that way of his, as only he can.

"Shocking, yes, but so romantic! You know, Lizzie, I had a feeling that he would not accept your silence for long; I had such a difficult time deterring him for you. The poor dear looked so forlorn I almost let him into your bed chamber myself." Amelia turned a dazzling smile on her sister.

Elizabeth giggled. She had to admit that she was eternally grateful that Edward had forced her to face him, for where would they be at this moment if she had followed through with her plans? In the quiet solitude of her room last night, she had wondered over and over what she had been thinking to consider giving up Edward. Alas, there was no need to ponder what might have been when all had come out well, but still, she didn't want to forget how fortunate she was.

Amelia had suggested they take a stroll through the gardens, just the two of them, claiming that the walk would help to work the soreness out of her body, but Elizabeth felt sure it was in order to inquire about what had transpired between Edward and her yesterday. Elizabeth knew it had been trying for her sister to wait to find out all the details; Amelia had been extremely fidgety yesterday when the four of them had sat in the library together, chatting amiably. Amelia had continually sent her suggestive looks and gestures from across the room, and Elizabeth had spent the time trying to ignore her sister and hoping that the two young men hadn't noticed.

Amelia spoke again, "Well, are you going to tell me what else went on in that room? I know it must have been something dramatic to change your dismal state of mind..."

Elizabeth met her sister's playful grin with a blush as thoughts flooded her mind of Edward holding her tenderly, kissing her passionately, and looking through her eyes, straight into her soul.

How can I even begin to voice these emotions, these feelings?

Elizabeth began, "Oh, dear sister, why must you torture me so...?"

Amelia guffawed, cutting her off, "Me torture you so? How can you say such a thing when I am simply dying to know more of your love affair? I cannot stand it any longer, Lizzie!"

Elizabeth cut her eyes over to sister and huffed. "Oh, fine then," her words came out in a rush, "What would you have me to say Amelia, that in my resistance he boldly pressed his lips to mine, forcing me to feel what I had vainly tried to bury deep within, that he pulled me into a passionate embrace and I melted in his arms, right in the very midst of my bed chamber?" Elizabeth continued, breathlessly, "Is that enough scandal for your curiosity, dear sister? You must think me a hussy." She cut her words off abruptly and she stared at the ground as her cheeks flushed.

Amelia's eyes lit up with delight, "Oh, how perfectly romantic! Oh Lizzie, do lighten up dear. It is only a tiny bit scandalous, and I am your sister after all. If you cannot trust these things to me, then to whom can you? Besides, you know that I will not tell anyone." She patted Elizabeth's arm and leaned in, whispering, "And it is rather fun to torment Edward with knowing looks and comments...I am sure it drives him mad wondering to what exactly I am referring."

Elizabeth gasped, looking at her sister in mock horror, "Amelia, how terrible. You mustn't tease him so." Her lips twitched, trying not to smile, and a rosy hue lingered on her cheeks.

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