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Black Rose (Dark Link x Reader) *under revision*

Black Rose (Dark Link x Reader) *under revision*

85.9K Reads 2.7K Votes 16 Part Story
Amanda Mader By AmandaMader Completed

One day You catch the eye of someone in black with pointy ears from legend of Zelda before your parents die. Guess who you got it! The one and only dark link. When he finds out of your parents death he figures out why you have been crying so much. So to take your mind off of their death he takes you into the legend of Zelda your favorite game. As you get to know him better you realize he's not as bad as he seems. Will you fall in love with this not so bad boy and stay with him breaking a formidable and terrifying curse which could cost you your life or leave him and go back home to no one and start a new life back on earth but you'll be safe. Which will you choose? (Dark Link x Reader)

Katsudonuu Katsudonuu Dec 17, 2016
I've played the Spirit Track one... I have many regrets for resetting the game because now I have to do the proper thing -_-
I would have told them "what else am I gonna do in the middle of nowhere. Huh? Go talk to woodland creatures and get attacked by an old witch?"
SUUndertaleNerd SUUndertaleNerd Nov 26, 2016
@LlamaIsNotOnFireBaah That's your opinion I don't think people should judge that
LunarFox1987 LunarFox1987 Sep 17, 2016
For the rest of the chapter I was listening to FNAF 3 song "Die in a Fire",  how I kinda feel for Dark Link watching me..I FREAKING LOVE THE FNAF SONGS! AND FNAF!
MidnaxLink MidnaxLink May 30, 2016
Are you kidding me?! You just had to place that song in your story!
ManofmanyFandoms ManofmanyFandoms Oct 22, 2016
This is creepy, because I thought about a serial killer with a chain saw coming to get me, before I read this part😳