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I'm A Killer // Avengers Fanfic

I'm A Killer // Avengers Fanfic

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♥ Alana ♥ By SincerelyLana Updated Dec 11, 2014

Creeper. A name that sends shivers down spines and goosebumps to arise on people's skin, and if you're wondering; yes it's the bad kind. Creeper, one of the most deadly assassins known to man kind in the 21st century. S.H.I.E.L.D had never made contact with her until she mad an appearance in their headquarters, doing some snooping. And from experience people will tell you two things. 1. Don't make her angry. 2.Run.

© 2015, Alana Neumann (@SincerelyLana), All rights reserved

But did you know I'm a cereal killer? (Sherlock fan where you at?)😂