Beyond my Life

Beyond my Life

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Arial Pinky By ArialPinky Updated Jan 12

Mu Fei Hong is a top business woman who died in a plane crash and transmigated into chinese ancient history.

She woke up in a fancy ancient room. Laid in a golden bed and antic porcelian can be seen. Suddenly, memories rash through her mind. She was married to a lowly emperor in mere small country.

Fei Hong - Want some concubines?

He - No, I only want you.

Fei Hong - * suddenly pick a beautiful maid * this        should do so, you can stop sticking to me.

He - Wife stop testing my patience.

He pushed the beautiful maid aside and walk furiosly towards me. I nervously stepback until I hit the wall. His eyes were clear as the moon, trying to see through me. Suddenly, I felt his cold lips pressing towards mine.

He - Next time you do this, I'll eat you completely.