Jeff The Killer x Reader

Jeff The Killer x Reader

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Silent Killer By Silent_One19 Completed

Your P.O.V

You are listening to your (f/m) and reading your (f/b). Then you went down to your kitchen to get a glass of water. You were drinking until you saw a boy wearing a white hoodie with red-stains on it, He has a carved smile and burned-off eyelids. You just stared at him until he left. You saw him run into the woods until he disappered. You thought that it was nothing, So you went up to your room and think that nothing happened.

You tried to sleep but you failed because you felt that your being watched. You looked into room window and saw that boy again. You fell into the ground because you're too scared to move. Then you noticed that the boy is Jeff The Killer. Your heartbeat got faster as he walked closer. Tears runned into your cheeks. You closed your eyes. "Don't be scared, i won't kill you" You were shocked for what he just said. You opened your eyes as he hugged you. Then you fell asleep.

Jeff's P.O.V

(y/n) fell asleep in my arms. I been watching her for a few weeks f...

Yeah I see a a guy with burned off eyelids and blood staing with a carved smile and them just go back to reading wattpad while listening to Undertale Themes!
AN ANGEL!? Pffffft please I'm hells daughter at least that's what the boys at school call me
                              *music cuts off*
                              Me: LOVE LIKE YA DAUAU *looks at camera dumbfounded* 
                              (Anyone get the reference?)
VampCat12 VampCat12 3 days ago
My tears "runned" INTO my cheeks? Ouch. That must hurt. 😂
Isybunny Isybunny Sep 01
Well that's the end to this story... 
                              Sees there's a next chapter... 
IAmABell IAmABell Sep 04
Well, like they say. Wishes never come true 🙂 never. I'm such a downer 😂