Who do you think you are???

Who do you think you are???

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Khadija (Kha-di-ja) By glimpsie Updated Mar 24, 2011

Gillia Teri Hileen. 
Go To Hell...

Mastermind Prankster of West High, Gillia thought that this year will be another one filled with making school worth it for her friends and turning life into hell for the teachers. She always succeds, but what happens when the new charming Spanish teacher pranks back. Of course this all a disraction for the rest of them... from the truth. 
She was an assassin for a reason. 
She didn't want the money or the pleasure in killing. 
She wanted to protect the rest of them..

There's a murderer in town. Or maybe a few... 
They looking for someone...
For a girl...

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Fire-Arrow Fire-Arrow May 14, 2011
@GeorgiaBurns yeah i no.im sorry but all the teens in south africa spell stuff differently in sms's etc and im used to writing this way.